May 10th, 2007

Community, Environment and Planning Senior Project Night

Tomorrow night starting at 6:00 pm in Gould Hall seniors from Community, Environment and Planning (CEP) will be presenting their senior projects that they have been working all through out the school year. The projects range from non-profit building and environmental education to sustainability and transportation.

Anyone remotely interested CEP or any of these topics should come and check out the presentations. Refreshment and snacks will also be provided.

This is a link to CEP's website.
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Panhandlers on campus

Our favorite panhandler is back. This time, he has a story about being a UW student who locked his keys and wallet in his car, and needs to borrow money for the locksmith. It's a scam! Don't fall for it! He approached me and one other person on the 4th floor of the CSE building. The UWPD is looking for this guy, so if he approaches you, call them at 9-911 or 3-9331.


So I'm reading through this and wondering about a few things.

I'm at UCSC and to curtail filesharing and the like, ResNet limits uploads to 2GB/day. Anything above that and we're cut off for a few days (in fact, this year it might be a few weeks). I see that at UW, they limit speed, not amount.

Or am I wrong? What sort of notices and warnings do you guys get about filesharing? I plan on living at Nordheim next year, but it seems to still be connected to the UW network. Do students limit their upload speed while seeding, for example? Do they block ports?