May 8th, 2007



Does the S/NS grading option just seem too good to be true to anyone else?

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Alright, I'm not actually saying it doesn't work ( I did it for some random VLPA class my freshman year and it did just fine). It's just, you can change a class to this option so damn late into the quarter. Why don't more people abuse this and change a class they're not doing so hot in to S/NS at the last minute? I guess that catch is that a lot of financial aid won't pay for you to re-take something? Have a lot of people here done this at least once?

Bio Anthro

I was wondering if anyone else has taken Biological Anthropology 201 with Eck. I am having a seriously hard time with this class and debating if I should just drop it and try again with a new professor if anyone else even teaches it. Any good tips on this class would be greatly appriciated!

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So, unfortunately I cannot take anymore Italian after this year (I'm in 103 right now) due to a double major that doesn't have room for more random language classes.

HOWEVER, I would like to learn the language further and actually be able to be somewhat proficient ... so, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for or had any success with any sort of language programs (any language) outside of college? Are there any programs (CD-ROM, DVD, online whatever...) that are really good at teaching languages?

(I heard the Rosetta Stone program was pretty good...)