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Monday, April 30th, 2007

Time:8:05 am.
Hi all,

I just wanted to let you guys know of a great place to get cheap software on academic discount if you are a student or faculty member... check out CampusTech.com

(Please let me know if this violates any rules... I just posted it to help! Thanks)
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Time:6:33 pm.
anyone heading up to the decemberists/my brightest diamond show up at WWU this weekend? i need a ride!
i'll pay gas money, of course :)
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Subject:Residency, etc.
Time:8:47 pm.
A few disclaimers: I've got most of this taken care of, as I have discussed this with my parents and my department at UW... also, this is a question focused on grad school, but the grad community seems sort of defunct compared to this one, so I thought I'd talk about it here. Also I checked the Memories and related entries for some extra info - still want to post this, anyway.

I was accepted to the Computational Linguistics Master's program at UW recently, and I just received a bunch of paperwork and the like. I also joined the Facebook community! Hooray!

Here's my problem, though - out-of-state tuition. I'm coming from California. I only recently found out that my parents aren't going to help support my tuition or anything else - I'm on my own. Yes, loans and the whole thing will be fine, but still, it's a hefty amount... I estimate that I'll be spending about $65,000 to live in Seattle and be a full-time grad student for two years.

So I'd like to establish residency to cut the tuition ($41,286 for two years out-of-state) by more than half. I was originally thinking of deferring my enrollment for a year while I simply work somewhere - but then I remembered that there are some undergraduate classes I still need to take. So I'm thinking that I could be a part-time student and take those classes while working, and then taking care of my actual Master's program a year later.

I don't want to take out loans. Whether or not I take out a loan, I'll still need to pay back the out-of-state tuition in full. Current money issues are not the problem - it's the future I'm worried about. Also, financial aid won't do much. At 21, I'm still a dependent. No money from the government.

So does a year of part-time student status, working, and establishing residency sound feasible? Has anyone else done this? Does anyone have any other advice? Thanks a lot, and nice to meet all of you in advance.

edit: seems I should have started at the source before I asked all of this. Computational Linguistics charges the same rate for both out-of-state students or resident students. Never mind most of this!
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Subject:Question about rent
Time:9:08 pm.
I'll be starting at the U in the fall, and was wondering what to expect rent prices to be around the area. What do you think is the approximate range for:

a) A one bedroom apartment?

b) A two-bedroom apartment?

If the apartment were within bus distance from the U but not within walking distance, would that change your estimates?
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Subject:Tooth and Nail Tour
Time:10:03 pm.
If anyone is interested in going to the Tooth and Nail concert (MxPx, Hawk Nelson, The Classic Crime, Sullivan, The Fold) tomorrow night (5/1) at El Corazon (it was going to be held originally at The Showbox) I have an extra ticket. $20...which is what I paid for it. Email me at marinefrk@hotmail.com before 5 tomorrow.
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