April 30th, 2007

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Hi all,

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(Please let me know if this violates any rules... I just posted it to help! Thanks)

Residency, etc.

A few disclaimers: I've got most of this taken care of, as I have discussed this with my parents and my department at UW... also, this is a question focused on grad school, but the grad community seems sort of defunct compared to this one, so I thought I'd talk about it here. Also I checked the Memories and related entries for some extra info - still want to post this, anyway.

I was accepted to the Computational Linguistics Master's program at UW recently, and I just received a bunch of paperwork and the like. I also joined the Facebook community! Hooray!

Here's my problem, though - out-of-state tuition. I'm coming from California. I only recently found out that my parents aren't going to help support my tuition or anything else - I'm on my own. Yes, loans and the whole thing will be fine, but still, it's a hefty amount... I estimate that I'll be spending about $65,000 to live in Seattle and be a full-time grad student for two years.

So I'd like to establish residency to cut the tuition ($41,286 for two years out-of-state) by more than half. I was originally thinking of deferring my enrollment for a year while I simply work somewhere - but then I remembered that there are some undergraduate classes I still need to take. So I'm thinking that I could be a part-time student and take those classes while working, and then taking care of my actual Master's program a year later.

I don't want to take out loans. Whether or not I take out a loan, I'll still need to pay back the out-of-state tuition in full. Current money issues are not the problem - it's the future I'm worried about. Also, financial aid won't do much. At 21, I'm still a dependent. No money from the government.

So does a year of part-time student status, working, and establishing residency sound feasible? Has anyone else done this? Does anyone have any other advice? Thanks a lot, and nice to meet all of you in advance.

edit: seems I should have started at the source before I asked all of this. Computational Linguistics charges the same rate for both out-of-state students or resident students. Never mind most of this!

Question about rent

I'll be starting at the U in the fall, and was wondering what to expect rent prices to be around the area. What do you think is the approximate range for:

a) A one bedroom apartment?

b) A two-bedroom apartment?

If the apartment were within bus distance from the U but not within walking distance, would that change your estimates?

Tooth and Nail Tour

If anyone is interested in going to the Tooth and Nail concert (MxPx, Hawk Nelson, The Classic Crime, Sullivan, The Fold) tomorrow night (5/1) at El Corazon (it was going to be held originally at The Showbox) I have an extra ticket. $20...which is what I paid for it. Email me at marinefrk@hotmail.com before 5 tomorrow.