April 26th, 2007


Pizza Pizza

Pizza Help?

So, our organization is having a little inter-departmental social tomorrow night and we're ordering pizza. We're thinking about 40 people will show up, and we want to order locally - what's good and reasonably priced? Pagliacci's is nice, but I don't want to break our bank on this.

campus job

The Waterfront Activities Center is hiring for the summer. Can stay on into the winter if you want:

Position available: Counter/attendant
Pay rate: $8.16/hr.
Hours: Variable, evenings and weekends
Qualifications: UW Student
Contact person: Chris Delaune, h2o@u.washington.edu, (206)543-9433
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Want to check out the job? come rent a canoe! $4/hr with current ID sticker, chash or check only. No Kayaks.