April 24th, 2007


Epic fail.

A simple enough question. Common sense says "no," but I need to know for sure.

If I fail a class, can my parents find out? Obviously they pay tuition, but that's the only access they have. Aside from me telling them, can/will they find out somehow? What if I were to somehow manage to fail all my classes?

I'm such a winner.
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Annual Drop

I'm in BIOL 180 right now with Prof Bradshaw and I failed the first midterm (the median was 41/100 and I got below that). I'm seriously considering dropping the course but I'm not sure. I heard that the class isn't curved and I don't want to get anything below a 3.0. But the class is out of 560 points and I suppose I have a chance to improve with labs, the second midterm, and the final, but who knows if I'll do even worse on the other tests. I don't want this class to ruin my GPA. Do you guys think it's best to drop the course and try again in the fall with Prof Freeman? Though I have heard the Freeman's tests are very difficult as well. I understand most of the materials in my bio class right now and I read the book but I just totally panicked during the test. If anyone here has been through the biology series (preferable with either Bradshaw or Freeman) and knows about the consequences of dropping a course, please help!

Video games around here?

Hey guys.

So I'm admitting I'm a huge nerd, and need a copy of the new DS pokemon game that came out a few days ago. My current issue is that I've come down with a bit of a cold and have zero energy, so while *playing* the game is a perfect remedy, *getting* the game is a pain in my ass. I can't think of anywhere in the u-district that sells new games (I called the bookstore's tech center and got nothing), am I forgetting someplace really obvious I may be able to simply walk to and avoid spreading my plague on public transit? There isn't anything even in u-village, is there?

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apt mov

Hey guys,
Can anyone recommend a good moving service to help move all the stuff from my 1-bed apt to another 1-bed apt, all within the U-District?
I've considered other options but was thinking there's a simple service or someone with a truck who I can pay to help me just for a day:

1)Renting U-Haul = hassle return and too expensive with the plethora of hidden fees and unexpected charges. The move is less than a mile too.
2)Begging my friend who has a truck to help = paying him with beer and owing him bigtime.

so if you know a good mover, preferably one who uses a roofed vehicle so rain won't delay the move, please let me know. thx

Foreign language placement

I found something sort of related in the memories, but this is still worth posting, I think.

I am in the position of having some reading knowledge in French with limited speaking ability. I am wondering if any of you have ever studied independently (let's say a couple hours a day for a month), taken a French (or German or Italian) placement test and managed to place out of 103. According to the FAQ for placement tests, French, German, and Italian consist of 100-multiple choice questions with one-third at each level (101, 102, 103), and there is no listening, speaking, or writing portion. If anyone has managed to do this, how did you do it? Any tips on the test from those who have taken one of these three languages' tests? Thank you in advance for any insight.

(no subject)

Hey all--
I know this isn't entirely UW-related, so mods feel free to delete this... my friends and I are looking to move into a 4-person apartment for either June or September, and I was wondering if you know of any openings around the u-district (preferably north campus-ish and around $400-$475/person) or if have any recommendations of where to look. Craigslist and the Daily haven't really turned anything up, and UW apartments are kind of out of our price range...so I appreciate any help you can give me!
Becky =)
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Bus to SPU?

Does anyone know of a bus that goes from anywhere around campus to Seattle Pacific? Trip Planner gives a 2 transfer, hour long trip, but I swear I've heard of one that goes directly there, or at least close. Anybody know?