April 20th, 2007


Dissecting in Lab

To bring up a somewhat taboo topic: I had to dissect a rat in lab today, and I've read six million animals are dissected by students in the US each year. Is this all really necessary?

I have a lot of respect for my Bio professor, TA, and lab coordinator, but I'm wondering why we can't just look at preserved specimens (like they have at Bodies exhibit for example) instead. It seems like dissecting is an outdated practice especially since now we have computer animations and good ways to preserve tissue for display. I can understand why a surgeon would need to dissect, but why an undergrad or high school student?
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Information requested

Hey, does anyone know what's going on right now (Friday, noonish) in Red Square? My boss claims it involves a big truck and a stage. We can't find anything on the events calendar. Please help these bored librarians out! Feed our heads!
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Hindi 311

Has anyone here had experience with the Hindi language program at UW? I'd particularly like to hear about first year Hindi with Prem Pahlaraj. Would those who have taken it recommend it?