April 16th, 2007

A Couple of Questions...

Hey guys,

I'm currently enrolled at Washington State University and am trying to transfer to the UW for spring quarter of next year (harhar, yes, WSU traitor etc etc). I'm a fine arts major interested in both traditional and digital media, and I was wondering if anyone here is as well, and if they could tell me anything about the FA department over at the UW.

So out of curiosity, are there any animation or illustration classes?
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Hold me!

I just got the friendly "You're over 210 credits next quarter! We will hold your registration!" e-mail from one Ed Taylor. I'm a double major in unrelated fields and am going for the gold with honors (not worth it, but I'm this far already), so my credits are going to get pretty high.

Has anyone had this dreaded advisor meeting? Do I need to come with my next/last year of classes ready to show? Do I just pick an advisor from one of my majors and hope the registration hold will be taken off forever? Is there actually a credit limit where, no matter how many majors, you get kicked out?

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Remembrance Day

I don't know if you all have heard via Facebook but there's a Remembrance Day being organized as an event for tomorrow for the shooting at VTech. (it's misspelled "rememberance day" but whatever) Everyone's rallying to wear maroon and orange tomorrow (VTech's colors). So yeah, maroon, orange, tell your friends.