April 11th, 2007


Transfer Students Qs

I applied to UW as a transfer student from University of Maryland for Autumn qtr., gonna be whatever the version of Letters & Sciences is there until I have the requirments for the Art History major there. Probably won't find out about acceptance until June or July.

I had some Qs if anyone could help~
Has anyone here transfered from a university on semester schedules, if so, how many credits did you end up keeping/getting? Also, any commuters that could share their experiences would be awesome. How is the counseling experience for credit assignment/scheduling? And if anyone has taken any Art History upper-levels at UW, which ones and what was your experience?

Thanks. :)
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If you've taken an intensive language class-

What'd you think? Pros, cons? How much time was spent out of class on it? Which one did you take?

And more specifically: has anyone taken intensive arabic? what'd you think? was the new alphabet difficult? How'd the first couple classes go (when you don't know the alphabet it seems like it'd be hard to do much)? ...should the fact that arabic starts at the 400 level worry me?
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Update on my betta:

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! My betta's doing a HECK of a lot better now that he has a nice plant to play around (re: hide in) and some good pellet food. I think he's just really young and unfamiliar with the domestic life. His fin is beginning to unclamp and he's generally more playful -- he won't stop wiggling (he loves it when I wave to him for some reason ...)!

Anyways, thanks again! :D

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Where oh where is the UW med school located? Is it a certain building? A set of buildings? Anything? Would it be close to the Ethnic Cultural Center? I'm going to be there tomorrow. I hope that the building isn't the one by the I-5 entrance in Seattle...

Thank you :)
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Hey, fellow UWers/UWians, so... I'm living in the dorms. It's the last term of school. I'm on the lowest meal plan possible, meaning my refund comes out to nada, and...

I've got something like 1500 in dining funds I still have to spend. :(

Any ideas on the best way to blaze through it all outside of going to the convenience store types of places and just grabbing armfuls of random presvervable food, oh, every day? (sorry to the poor food services employees in advance if I do this. Whoops.)

This really, truly is UW related...

Since you all seem to be so knowledgeable and since there is a wide variety of majors represented in this group and since you are the most educated group I have easy access to...maybe you can help me in my quest for knowledge.

WHERE/WHEN did the concept of the "crazy cat lady" originate?

Seriously I'm dying to know and google isn't helping. It just keeps telling me about the crazy cat lady on the Simpsons.

This really is UW related :D...
(PS: Mods, if you choose to delete this I understand...)
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my roomate just told me that a valve in the u distrit water system broke, which causes the tap water to turn to a slight brown/yellowish color.  i live in an apartment building on 50th and 16th; it also affected our neighbor on the other side of of 50th on 16th.  my roomate spoke to someone at the water company - says to flush out your plumbing a couple times over, but that it is not harmful.  anyone else's tap water look weird at all?