April 10th, 2007

peter_olivia - me

Betta fish, take 2!

Hi all,

First off, thanks to all those who gave me advice on where to buy bettas. I ended up buying a nice blue one who wouldn't stop staring at me. :) Second, I'm afraid for my betta at the moment, because I think I bought him sick. He was happy and perky the first couple days, but for the past two days he's been a bit lethargic ... he won't eat, and his dorsal fin is clamped. Now, I know there's another fish shop on Roosevelt, but rumor has it that the employees are complete jack asses. Are they really jackasses? If they are, I honestly don't want to deal with them and the stress of my betta being sick ... I just want him to get better.

Any advice is appreciate.

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