April 3rd, 2007

Bluth chickens

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I know that this is a little odd, asking UW-ers, and I do not know the kind of reponses I'll get but here is my dilemma:

I have to decide between UC Berkeley and UW. This is proving to be frustrating and I am aware that I will have to be the one to make this choice.

I would go into the Honors program for Chemistry, to UW, instate tuition, leave debt-free with starting money for grad school.

OR I would go to UCB major in Chem, no honors, out of state tuition, amazing reputation/weather, end up w/ 20 grand debt barring any amazing scholarship or residency declarations.

Seems like an easy choice, no? I do not know why I can't force myself to make the decision that would be debt free and very nice.

Any new perspectve?