April 2nd, 2007

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So I am having a really hard time with deciding between Lander and McMahon. I hear from a couple people that McMahon is better because of this......... and then I hear from a couple other people that Lander is better because of this........... So what are the pros and cons of the dorms! Please help!
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Dear whoever took my messenger bag out of the 1101 employee break room between 9:30PM March 31st and 2:30AM April 1st,

I hope you are satisfied with your hard night's work! Here is what you gained:

- One (1) cellphone. Audiovox/Virgin Mobile, prepaid, about three years old, with less than ten dollars' balance on it. The phone model I had now sells for $12.99, refurbished, on the Virgin website. I got it for sixty, but hey, that's life.
- One (1) mechanical pencil. This was my replacement favourite pencil after I lent my favourite-favourite pencil to someone when I was in China over the summer and forgot to get it back. Oh, you probably don't want to touch the end -- I chew on it a lot.
- One (1) Staedtler 0.05 Pigment Liner. This is a really nice pen, but it was starting to get low on ink. I chewed on this one too, you can probably see the bite marks on the cap.
- One (1) Staedtler white plastic eraser. Only slightly used, but very dirty because I finished an art assignment just a day earlier.
- One (1) long blue scarf. It is very long, and very warm, and I am vain enough to think it looks rather dashing with an all-black outfit, but you might want to run it through the laundry, because I wore it all winter and dropped it on the ground frequently, and I think a professor's puppy chewed on it for five minutes before I noticed, one day. I also didn't wash it more than once or twice in the last six months.
- One (1) mp3 player. I literally found this off the ground a year ago. Chinese (not just Made In China, actually Chinese), 512mb, slightly broken, plays music just fine but does very little else. It runs on a single AAA battery; the one in there now is rechargeable so you can reuse it. The USB cord it uses is not a size that I have ever been able to find in the US, so I hope my tastes in music and yours coincide.
- One (1) pair of headphones. The foam is ripped and starting to fall off. I believe the Radio Shack on the Ave sells replacement foam pads that will fit if you just cut some notches in the openings to stretch them out.
- One (1) book from the King County Library System, A Summer Bright and Terrible. Perhaps you enjoy military history, the Battle of Britain, or semi-biographies of obscure historical figures. I found it a decent read, although I could have done without some of the drama on the part of the author. I'm a little upset that I was almost done and now I won't find out how it ends unless I can put it on hold at the library again. Oh, and if you could return it to any KCLS library branch before April 20th, that'd be great!
- One (1) dark blue-grey messenger bag. I know the zippers have the Diesel logo, which you might be excited about, but don't be fooled: I got it in China for less than ten dollars American. I wanted to stencil something really awesome on that invitingly blank front flap (I was thinking, FIGHTER JET), but since it's out of my hands now, feel free to exercise your own creativity. The strap is doubled up and sewn together on one side because I'm not that tall and I didn't want it banging into my knees when I walked. If you are taller than me, you might want to pull those stitches out.
- The satisfaction (unquantifiable) of a job well done, such happiness which I could hardly dream of, sales clerking as I was for five and a half hours that night. If only my work were as fulfilling as yours!

Also, thanks for dumping my sketchbook in a bathroom where a friend of a friend found it and returned it to me. That was nice of you! It had about four months' stuff in there, and was probably the only truly irreplaceable thing I had in my bag. I work at TooCon every Saturday from 9:30 to 3AM -- we may meet again! Although, as I have now learned to use a locker, you will not be meeting my stuff again. I hope our relationship can survive this loss.

Love and hugs,

whoooo lovesthelilduckiesinthepond? I DO!

I am a fan of the duckies in drumheller, since it's springtime the ducky couples are especially... endearing?

Anyways, anybody else feels the same way and has taken pictures of the ducky couples? Care to share pictures? to be honest, I shamelessly really want one to use in facebook, but I can't get pictures from the cell to the comp (no bluetooth or infrared... sigh...), and I don't own a d-camera.

thanks in advance!