March 23rd, 2007

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This is probally a dumb question. But I really want to know.. Im interested in taking art classes that UW doesnt offer, does anyone know if I can get into the Seattle AI I could take classes there and still cout towards UW??

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Moving to Seattle for UW

Greetings. At the moment, I am heavily leaning towards coming to UW for my PhD work. I have never been to Seattle, so I know absolutely nothing about it and the area surrounding UW. My questions right now are about housing.

(1) Does it become very difficult to find housing towards the end of the summer, so much so that it would be wise for me to find housing earlier than later? (I am much more on the broke end of finances, so I will need something cheaper.) Right now I'm enjoying staying with a friend rent-free, so obviously, it would be fantastic to continue that as long as I can. However, I don't want to end up in the situation that I have a really hard time finding housing.

(2) I don't own a car, nor a bicycle--I don't particularly like bicycles, since an accident I had a few years ago--but I really do enjoying walking all over the place, so I would prefer to live close enough to walk, instead of having to take a bus. If I'd like to stay within a radius of less than an hour walk, what sorts of neighborhoods and streets and such should I be shooting for when looking for housing? (I am planning on getting some maps of UW and the surrounding area, but it's always difficult to gauge how long it takes to walk just by looking at a map.)

(3) Are there any neighborhoods and streets that I should avoid, either because of bad housing or safety reasons, or any other reasons? (Safety is a concern, I'm just a petite female, I'm sure I'd hardly be able to defend myself well if the situation arose. Again, I know nothing about Seattle, so I don't even know if I should worry about this, but I've never lived in a big city before in my life. I'm kind of a small town girl. ;))

(4) I would absolutely prefer to live alone. I know that's a bit strange, but I've had enough experiences with roommates/housemates and being alone to know that I very much prefer to live alone. Not that I've had bad experiences or anything, I've lived with some wonderful people and had a great time. I'm just much more of a solitary person, and am increasingly more comfortable living alone. So that being said, does anyone have any recommendations for some good, cheap 1 person apartments? I really don't mind if it's small, I don't have a lot of stuff at all, I wouldn't even mind if it was a studio. I live a pretty minimalist lifestyle, so I don't have a lot of stuff, and I am perfectly happy in small spaces.

(5) I have no preference for apartment complexes, so I don't mind living in an apartment from an old, big house spliced up into smaller apartments. I don't know if that's an option in Seattle, but where I am now, there are lots of big, old Victorian houses that are spliced up into apartments. Some people hate them, some love them, I don't care either way.

(6) I MUST have a pet friendly place. I have two tiny dogs and wouldn't dream of giving them away.

I know that's a lot of questions, and lots of detail, but I simply cannot afford to come out to Seattle to visit and look for a place. (I don't even know how I'll pull off paying for the move right now! =O) So I am trying to gather as much information as possible.

THANK YOU very much in advance for anyone that can help, I greatly appreciate it. And I'm very excited about the possibility of coming to Seattle, I have heard lots of wonderful things about it. =D (I'm sure it's much better than my current location: the midwest. lol.)

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I am in search of these books:

Psych 210 Human Sexuality books
Spanish 102 Books

I just bought all my textbooks (used too!!!) for this quarter and the total was over $500 and Im only taking three classes. So hopefully I can get these books from here and return those books.


I know I post here a lot, but if you are like me you enjoy having your "friends" page with new things on it. So instead of saying sorry for posting again, I'll simply say: You guys are welcome for another great post of mine.

My buddy at western has been taking skiing and tennis classes, and he gets credit for those! What kind of fun sports class do we have at the UW? List anything you can think of please.

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Anyone interested in Stevens Court?

Hi all,

I'm planning on applying for a 4-person apartment in Stevens Court for next year. I have two definite roommates and am looking for a third. All of us are pretty casual and low-key, with a major interest in geeky activities (video games, anime, D&D).

Our criteria are:

-Female, 19+
-UW student planning to enroll full time for 2007-2008 academic year
-Interested in, or at least tolerant of, a geeky environment
-No loud parties
-All sexual orientations welcome

If this sounds like the place for you, please reply here or drop me a line at myousouf@u!