March 21st, 2007

Bluth chickens

Honors Program

I have all but decided to go to UW next year, but I'm seriously doubting my abilities to do even remotely well in the honors program. So, I want to major in Chemistry, and I've heard some not-quite-horror stories. Can anyone share their honors experience with me, or of someone they know, the fantastic and the awful. I just need to gain some perspective, because I really don't know how to make this decision...

and as a freshman, what housing is good? General advice would be great.

Grade distribution

Does any one know where one can find the grade distribution for a course (what the average was etc)? I know I've found a page that contained both course evaluation scores and what the average GPAs for various classes were (for past years). However, I'm not being able to find it again. Specifically, I'm looking for what the averages are for various classes in the Jackson School.

If any one has any ideas of places to look it would be much appreciated. :-) Thanks!