March 12th, 2007

la paz

oh god!

anybody know if anything crazy just happened around 15th/ravenna? i was walking my doggy and a bunch of cop cars drove past, then i heard all these pops like firecrackers or... bullets?! so i ran home and now i hear a million sirens and cars speeding madly down 15th and the udistrict is scary :(.
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Passport photos.

I was wondering if there exists machines (similar to the ones in "Amelie" the movie) in the U-district or Bellevue that would take passport photos.
Or any place that would take passport photos for CHEAP (like $10 for 4).

ECON classes

How are the ECON 200 or 201 classes? I've gotten mixed reviews from people. I'm signed up to take it as hopefully an easy class. I will have Salehi-Esfahani. Is it easy? And is it better to take the huge lecture class with the professor or to take smaller classes with TA's? Thanks!