March 8th, 2007

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Has anyone had trouble registering for a class when they've got 200+ credits, but less than 210? I was reading up on the 210 policy, and it sounds like I should be able to register fine, but I wanted to make sure. (I'll have 209 end of next quarter.)

CHEM 120

Ok, I know this is a really really really long shot but I was wondering if anyone knew if the CHEM 120 lecture during fall quarters happens at around the same time every quarter? Does anyone know what it is usually?

I'm hoping to sign up for a 6 month volunteer position that would GREATLY help my chances at getting a job someday but the problem is I'd be doing it through fall quarter and I'd have to be there from 8-12 on either Thursday or Friday every week.

I looked at the CHEM 221 lecture for spring this year and the lecture is M-Th, is this series always M-Th?

Thanks! Sorry for the awkward, rambling post...
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Magnolia trees...

Hello fellow UWers, I have an odd question/favor to ask... You know all these gorgeous magnolia trees around campus that are just starting to bloom around this time? Has anyone ever taken a picture of one that represents exactly how awesome they are and that they wouldn't mind sharing with me?

See, a point of frustration for me for four years now: I have an unhealthy obsession with these trees (omgz magnolias!!!!) and their upswept branches and petals that remind me of a crescent moon at sunset... Yeah, I'm lame, but back to the point, for the past four years I've been trying to photograph one in such a way that whenever I would look at the photo, I would see the same thing as I do when I look at them live, and would feel the same marvel and awe. So far all of my efforts have fallen short of the goal, and I'm beginning to think that it's just not possible, some things just cannot be seen through the lens the same way they can be seen with eyes, but I was also thinking I'm not successful because I'm a BAD photographer. So, I'm asking around to see if anyone who's better with the camera than me (and most people are!) have managed to take any breath-taking pictures of these lovely trees.

So this isn't as bad, here's a picture I took two years ago, I'm sure you know where around campus this is! OMG, it's the White Tree of Gondor...

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