March 1st, 2007

Math 112 Professors--Loveless/Nichifor

I had Nichifor for Math111 and I really liked her, but I have seen the Course Evaluations for Loveless, and he seems to have gotten very good scores.

For those who have taken classes with either of these professors, do you think you could tell me the pros and cons? I am planning on majoring in business so I'm trying to get the best of my scores in my business classes.

Thanks so much!
stargate: atlantis Rodney

The UW Community on LJ

I'd like to begin by saying how much I love this community. Of all the LJ communities I've ever participated in - this one is the most amusing. Questions get answered thoroughly (though with a healthy dose of snark), jokes are frequent and I even like the trolls. When I first joined there were posts about ASUW politics and anti-squirrel propaganda - including mugshots! In more recent days we've even begun to plan for the zombie apocalypse. I'd like to honor these moments, and all the times in-between when we were mean, funny, informative and just plain the first LJ community.

What's my point?

I have a couple questions to ask the people watching uw. Please feel free to use this post to point out funny pasts of old or simply critique the way things are done. I'm really curious as to what this community is to the LJ folks who use it.

  • What posts are most helpful to you? (event listings, registration questions, fortifying dorm rooms against velociraptors, etc.)
  • How much do you rely on this community for current information? (gunshot noises, news issues, etc.)
  • Do you like just discussing questions about campus life? (safety, campus conditions, administrative decisions, etc)
  • How do we interact as a group? Does it make you post more or less? (love/hate the snark, reactions to repeat questions, etc)
I didn't mean to ramble so much with my questions. It would be awesome if we could put down some of what the community does for us. Especially if it turns out a bunch of us want one thing or really enjoy certain posts. Sorry if this is a bit dorky. Final papers have put me in a mood to ask questions instead of answering them (in 10-12 pages).

Besides, everyone loves talking about themselves. This should be relaxing!