February 26th, 2007

little prince

Soc 331: Majors only?

Hi all,
The Sociology 331 section status page says that the class is Soc majors only. However, it's also listed as one of the potential classes in the public health major. Can I still register for it as a non-Soc major pursuing a public health major? Thank you for any help.
quequito estrellas

sonics tickets

Anyone want 2 tickets to go watch the Blazers with Brandon Roy at Key Arena tonight? 1 or both are up for the taking. As this point today, I don't htink I can go tonight :(
I've also got 2 tickets for the Thursday game against the Clippers if anyone's interested.
fleur de lys

The real Big Lebowski

I dont how many other have gotten the email about Jeff "the Dude" Dowd (the real Big Lebowski) visiting UW for a talk. The event seems interesting and I'm thinking of going.. I noticed tix are $1 w/ ID, avail. at the HUB..

And if I'm not mistaken by reading the slightly confusing email, it is a viewing of the movie followed by the Q&A session???

Question-- can I buy more than just 1 ticket with my ID, in order to perhaps take a non UW friend??