February 23rd, 2007

me B&W

VLPA credits

This might be a stupid question from someone who's been going here for 4 years, but here I go.

I need 4 more VLPA credits to complete my general ed requirements. I also still need to complete my foreign language requirements. Will the foreign language classes I take fulfill the other VLPA requirement at the same time, or do I need to take another VLPA class?

If I do need to take another VLPA, does anyone have any suggestions?

Limit vs. current enrollment

This might sound like a stupid question, but: is there any reason that for some classes, the "current enrollment" becomes higher than the limit, even after the class is closed?

More specifically, ART 292 filled up before I could register for it this morning. As of 6:02am, the enrollment was 14, which is the limit. Right now, it's up to 16. How did those two people get in after the class was closed? Does this mean I can to pester the professor or the advising department to let me in? I really need to take this class, namely because it's the end of my junior year and if I don't take this class before fall quarter, I won't be able to graduate until Winter 2009. I feel that would be a somewhat compelling reason to let me in..? I was going to just wait until the first day and try to overload, but if there's another way to go about it, I'd like to know. Help?