February 22nd, 2007

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Does anyone know a place around the U District that would sell port (the after dinner wine)? I bet the big liquor store down by the QFC in the village might, but who wants to walk back up that hill! Thanks,


lost mp3 player

yeah, yeah...it is a longshot, but if anyone found a red mp3 player in the HUB today, please email me or drop it off at the HUB lost and found.  Once the battery dies, it is pretty much useless to anyone without the password, so hopefully honesty kicks in...

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just trying to pass

What is the minimum grade required to pass a class and receive credit for it? I know in your major typically a 2.0 is required for credit/to continue, but what if I just want NW credit? I heard a rumor of 0.7, but that seems a little low.


found ipod

An iPod was found near Parnassus in the basement of the Art building this afternoon - it's in the cafe, waiting to be restored to its rightful owner who provides an accurate description! I guess I'll take it to the HUB lost and found later if no one claims it.