February 19th, 2007

Corvus Torrey ravens

A Medieval Feast Day!

The College of Saint Bunstable, UW's branch of the Society for Creative
Anachronism, is holding a medieval feast day this Saturday, February 24, 2007
at the Ballard Oddfellows Hall. Festivities will include A&S classes,
dancing (and dancing lessons), baronial court, and a sumptuous
Renaissance-themed feast. Please visit the event website at
http://students.washington.edu/sca/events/fdosb2007.html for more detailed
information. Ideally you would bring your own cup/plate/silverware, but a
limited amount will be available to borrow.

We have a special rate for UW students with ID -- $10 for both entry and
the feast. Medieval garb will be available at the event for those without
Ren faire costumes to dust off. We hope to see at least a few of you

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? i have been browsing around uw's website(s) but i'd love a more objective opinion. what can you guys tell me about the digital arts/experimental media program? i think i'm interested, but as a freshman the idea of having a portfolio and applying for a major in only a year is daunting. basically....i'd just like whatever info you guys can give me on this major. or...suggest a major related to design. god i need guidance. i promise i'm not as clueless as this makes me come across. AHHH i am just freaking out about majors.