February 17th, 2007

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question: if you want to take a class twice, what happens? does it still count for credit? do you still get vlpa/i&s/nw credit for it a second time? do both times count if that class goes toward your major?

oh yeah, and has anyone here taken time off from school? like more than a quarter? i know you can take a quarter off with no questions asked but what about more than that? how easy was it to get back in? did you have to reapply?

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for those who took human sexuality with mcdermott, could i get away with not attending one of the 3 lectures each week (because i have to work on fridays)? THANKS for any input! i know it's stupid to sign up for a class i can't attend all the lectures for, but i really want to take this class
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easy W credit

so i need a somewhat easy 5 credit course that will give me W credit, i've been reading through course descriptions and have yet to find one. it would also be a plus if the course was interesting. 1.. 2.. 3... GO!
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