February 16th, 2007


upper level POL S class?

I'm an art major looking for a third non-art class to take this Spring, along with my two painting classes. One class I am thinking of taking is SISRE 490 (Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy), which is a joint offering with POL S 420, specifically for non-PoliSci majors.

My question is: what is an upper-level PoliSci class usually like? Does anyone know if it's a good idea to take such a class for a non-major? The topic seems really interesting to me (as a Russian citizen), but I don't want to take it on if the workload will be too much. Thanks in advance.
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Free Modifier at Starbucks

Today is free modifier and customization day at Starbucks. I know its a little late, but that's because I was working there from the crack of dawn... This means that if you wanted to add an extra shot of espresso or try organic or soy milk, it is complimentary. You do have to pay for the rest of the beverage, but you can save 30-50 cents. So I just thought I'd post it.

Trying to get a spammer in trouble

I realise that I'm sort of posting too often, but I have a crusade this time.

Some UW students have received an email from "pickaprof.com" exhorting the recipient to use their website to decide which classes to take next quarter. Without holding forth on the website (I honestly haven't been there more than twice), I'd like to make a humble request of as many people as possible.

I would appreciate it if you emailed me with a copy of the pickaprof.com message if you did receive one, or, if not, an email stating that you did not receive mail from pickaprof.com. (If you are forwarding the message, I would appreciate that you forward it "as attachment"; if you don't know/don't understand, don't worry.)

Please also include a statement asserting either that you are or are not listed in the UW Directory. The purpose of this is to prove that they are harvesting email addresses from the directory, which is apparently a violation of RCW 42.56.

Please write to me using a subject line of "pickaprof", at f (just the single letter) @u.washington.edu.

Thanks 1E6! (nerd joke...)

EDIT: It appears that these messages have a subject line which is borderline deceptive ("Spring 2007 Registration Information"). If so, it is a violation of RCW 19.190.090(1)(b). I might go after them for money; if so, everyone who submits spam to me will be given an equal share of the results.