February 13th, 2007


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So. . . I need to take a statistics class for my major, but I have a lot of choices. . . For a simple background, I am a Geography/Public Health Major. . . not particularly math inclined but that just means I don't particularly like it, not that I'm awful at it.

Any input on these for spring quarter?

STAT 220 (5): Basic Statistics (MAATHUIS)
STAT 311 (5): Elements of Statistical Methods (CARDOSO)
Q SCI 381 (5): Introduction to Probability and Statistics (GREULICH)
QMETH 201 (4): Introduction to Statistical Methods (I don't have the pre-reqs)
EDPSY 490 (3): Basic Educational Statistics (KLOCKARS)

Thanks in advance!


Graduation Traditions

Are there any traditions that happen during the graduation ceremony?

At Arizona, where I went for undergrad, it was tradition to toss tortillas. Do we have anything like that up here?

Any other UA alumni want to toss tortillas with me? ;)
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Hansee/ Steven's Court Room Switch?

Are there any females currently living in Hansee that would like to switch rooms with me? I live in a 4 bedroom apt in Steven's Court- have awesome roommates, you get your own kitchen, living room, bathroom-ect. It's on the 3rd flood of Steven's but provides a nice view. Please email me or respond to this if you're interested in checking it out!