February 12th, 2007


So, I'm thinking about taking Music 185 next quarter for more of a lighter load.
I was told and read that we attend the concerts... What else is part of that class? Writing a response then that's our grade? I'd love to hear back from anyone!

Thanks! :)

Apparently tuition covers arts and entertainment

So the LaRoucheans decided to pay a visit to POL S 204 today and sang a lovely ditty about freedom or some crap like that. And then they tried to initiate discussion about Russia and China; they must be keeping track of our class syllabus or something. They were promptly laughed out of class.

Has anyone ever experienced this before? I was shocked they had the nerve to enter a University building and interrupt a class. It was technically just before the class started, but still...
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Neptune Theatre

So.. I've finally found a theatre playing "Factory Girl"- the Neptune on 45th. My question is: anyone know how long it'll be playing?? From the looks of movies.yahoo.com and others it'll be there at least til this Thurs. but I'd really like to see it sometime over the long weekend (fri-mon). Anyone know when the Neptune will be changing their movie again? Much thanks!

-Yes, I did call the phone # listed online but it really was of no specific help, unfortunetly.