February 6th, 2007


Camera mini-tripod

Hey, I've been searching classroom support services, and everything else on the UW website. I just want a mini-tripod to check out for a week or so, nothing else. I have the camera, etc. Does anyone know where I can find that? even a full-size tripod will work, just something to hold a DSLR.


I know this is a very specific question - but maybe one of you out there knows the answer. If I am doing the CISB program (biz school) without doing an option.. I'm still required to do 12 credits in an additional area. So, how hard is it to get into, say, Finance classes, if you're not a Finance major? I would have to register Period 2 :( I'm just freaking that I wouldnt get into the class at all, wouldn't graduate on time, wouldn't get a job, and my life would be over. You know, small stuff!
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Housing Question

This spring I'll be transferring from WWU to the UW (very excited!). Anyway, I will most likely be living on campus, and even though I doubt that I'll have much control over were I want to live, I thought I would ask about the dorms anyway. And yes, I read the memories. My main concern is meeting people (only know a couple random people that go to UW), and yet not completely surrounding myself with freshman (though in the end, living with freshman can be fun). But really, I want to make friends, so I'm looking for a pretty social dorm with fun people and a friendly atmosphere. Noise doesn't matter that much to me, I'm a super heavy sleeper, so it doesn't have to be quiet. I like clean (bathrooms), that's always a plus, and edible food (doesn't have to be gourmet). Distance wise, I like a walk, so north or south, doesn't make a difference to me.

Any recommendations would be nice, and why you like/don't like the dorm. Thanks so much!
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