January 30th, 2007


ART 292 & 392 concurrently?

So, as a Painting & Drawing BFA student, I have to take ART 292, 392 and 492, twice each. I'm currently in my first quarter of 292 and I'm thinking about signing up for both 292 and 392 (beginning and intermediate painting, respectively) next quarter, so as to avoid spending the next 32049230487325 years at UW. My question is, whether you've taken painting courses or not, do you think it's a good idea to take a beginning class I've taken before and an intermediate class concurrently? I know I could talk to the art advising department, but I don't like them and I wanted to get some feedback from you fine people.


hey guys, i'm a student at western and i'm trying to get my boyfriend (also a student at uw) to come up this weekend, and he's just looking for a ride up to bellingham... are any of you perhaps coming up this way? he'd be happy to chip in for gas!