January 29th, 2007



How much are student tickets for men's basketball?

And also, if I bought student tickets for two of my college age but not UW students could they get in without a problem? As in, do they check ids at the door?

  • shepak

another dropping classes question

I'm considering dropping a class, which would bring me down to 10 credits. Tomorrow is the last day from what i understand that the tuition forfeiture is 50%; after that its 100%. Anyway, I've been investigating the uw website and what I'm trying to figure out is, since taking from 10 to 18 credits costs the same tuition-wise, would I be losing any money by dropping a class? (other than the $20 fee)  I don't have any financial aid (thats why the other post didn't clear this up for me). Anyone done this before? I'm not desperate, but I don't really like the class. I can stick it out if I'm going to lose a lot of money, but if not, I'd rather get out of it.