January 25th, 2007


Scholarships Available through the Carlson Center

I work as the Student Campus Coordinator for Students in Service (crazy-long title, I know) here at the Carlson Center in Mary Gates Hall 120.

I'm posting here to let you all know about the scholarships available through the AmeriCorps-funded Students in Service...

The official University of Washington website is listed here: http://depts.washington.edu/leader/11_SIS/index.htm
The official government website is here: http://www.studentsinservice.org/
And the facebook group is here: http://washington.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2231527882

Basically, you get scholarship money for doing community service (starting at $1000 for 300 hours of service). If you're interested, check out the above websites and then email us at inserve@u.washington.edu.


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Bus to U Village

I live up near 19th and 55th, and I'm sick to death of going to the skanky Safeway on Brooklyn. But the uphill walk from U Village (and the gorgeous QFC) with groceries is a bitch - is there such a thing as a bus that will take me there and back? Trip planner says nay, but I never trust trip planner. (Actually I do, all the time, but only because I have no choice.) I'd also settle for a bus there from campus, so long as there's one that will take me most of the way home afterwards. It's the hill I hate the most, and also that damn intersection that's impossible to walk across without fearing for your life.
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Printing Color Overhead Transparencies

Hi, I need to print out a color illustration onto an overhead transparency. I know you can print overhead transparencies anywhere on campus (right?).

- Do you have to use the manual feed option for all the printers or do some labs have the transparencies already inside the machine? If so, which labs have it? If no labs have transparencies already in the machine, do any of the labs provide transparencies at the help desk?

- When you do the manual feed, is it coarse side up or down to do color?

Sorry for the inane questions. I'm very tired and I will go insane if I run into any trouble tomorrow trying to print my things out on transparencies.
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Applying for Summer 2007.

Hello! 8D I'm Trina and I'm currently in my senior year in the Philippines.

UW has the most tedious application ever. 8o

I'm having a problem with my transcripts because they're in a numerical mode (like 95, 94, 89-- not A, A- B+) and my school said that they have no way of converting it. Furthermore, every single person in the admissions has a different say about it. Before I submitted my application, the person said not to put my grades anymore because they will receive the transcripts via mail anyway. When I checked if they received it, they said they haven't and that I should have sent it in my online application. Confused, I asked for another person to talk to but this person said that it's okay, whatever, they'll just look it up.

I don't know who I should follow anymore. I really want to get in. Sniff. T_T
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