January 22nd, 2007

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conduct code, from today's p-i

Today's P-I has a story about ASUW moving to have the student conduct code apply to off-campus behavior before the state Legislature tries to do it (again):
Student leaders said Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, told them he would introduce legislation to expand the student conduct code unless they addressed the issue soon. He's sponsored legislation in the past that would have required all state universities to adopt rules and sanctions regarding disruptive conduct in nearby neighborhoods, businesses and public places. The proposals have never passed.

UW student body president Cullen White said students want to have a chance to address the issue and not have the Legislature force something on them. [p-i]
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Janizary of the positivism

It is completely it would be correct to name the fate of social sciences for the latter of one-and-a-half century deeply tragic. In a sense, it is similar to the fate “of the lions of Islam”, of the struck terror into tens countries of Europe, Asia and Africa in XV -XVIII centuries, the furious and cruel soldiers of Ottoman Empire - Janizary.

Be on the radio!?! OPEN CASTING CALL.

We're finally going to be having our open casting call for the SHAQ radio show! SHAQ is an RSO whose main objective is to make being healthy and well sexy again - and one of its initiatives is to produce a talk radio show (a la Loveline) where on-air personalities will answer calls and emails alongside UHELP and U-CALL volunteers.

We need funny, quirky, knowledgeable, and frank folks who want to be a regular on-air personality.

Bring yourself to Hall Health, room 213 on

Tuesday, Jan 23rd 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM (note - building closes at 5:00, so call (206) 221-7817 so I can let you in if you're locked out!)


Wednesday, Jan 24th 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

to take part in an interactive group audition. It should be fun, informal, and will be a good chance for you to give your input on how you think the radio show should be. Bring any of your friends who might be interested! Feel free to forward this to anyone who might fit the bill.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you can't make either session. I'm chanman @ u. wash

See you soon!

Bricolage Submissions Deadline!

Bricolage, the campus literary & arts journal, is wrapping up accepting submissions for its 24th issue. The deadline is this week, January 25th.

We publish short fiction, narrative nonfiction, musical scores, poetry, and art-- we'd especially love to see more art submissions.

Submission guidelines are at http://students.washington.edu/brico and submissions can be dropped off at our box in the English undergraduate office in Padelford or e-mailed to us at bricouw@gmail.com. Students, staff, faculty, and alumni can submit!

Please oh please don't let the bus squash you..

Dear UW Students living in the Northern Dorms:

I may come off as just another cranky bus rider, but honestly I care for your safety.

The first thing I learned when I came to UW seems to be common sense to some. College Life 101: Never ever, ever, ever step in front of a metro bus. I hesitate to step in front of a bus even when the driver waves me on. I usually just pretend I'm not going to cross the street until the bus passes.

But really your poor top ramen-supported college body vs. one huge bus? Trust me, it won't work out the way you want it to.

What prompts this entry is that I have noticed a great number of the students going to class in the morning using the crosswalk between Padelford and McMahon by that huge hill that leads up to campus. See the orange arrows on map if you don't know what I'm talking about.Collapse ) Right before classes start (at least in the morning), there is usually a line up of cars and buses waiting on the hill to get onto campus. The buses brakes can only take so much, and every day I see people continually walk out in front of buses. Some people even give the bus drivers hateful looks because the drivers tried to turn left and move the bus off of the hill before the pedestrians could get to the crosswalk.

I'm just asking that next time you are about to jump in front of a bus, pause a moment, and let the bus go. Or perhaps cross to the other side of the road earlier so you don't have to use that specific crosswalk. Not only will the students and staff who are crammed on the buses like sardines be grateful, but it's good karma, you can always use more good karma. That and you won't get squished.

Please take this into consideration. Thank you for your time.

- Fellow Student and Bus Rider :)