January 19th, 2007


Is there a place close to the UW that offers Capoeira classes? How much does it cost? And how is it for beginners? I have no gymnastic experience and have trouble doing a somersault but I want to learn something new and become more athletic...

le petit prince

180 credits

if i remember correctly, several people have mentioned here that they have or know people that graduated a few credits shy of the 180 - is there any truth to this?  i just met with my dept. adviser who positively asserted that cas/the university is inflexible about this.  anybody?

cell phone

I found a cell phone in the upper level of the HUB eating area and turned it in to the HUB Lost & Found. If anyone is missing a cell phone and thinks that s/he may have lost it in the HUB, check the Lost & Found =)