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Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Time:10:15 am.
Did anyone else just get an email with a name and password for a bunch of free software from microsoft at their uw account? It just seemed... kind of weird and out of the blue, and I was wondering if anyone knew why :)
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Subject:Are you going to Canada soon?
Time:3:49 pm.
In a drunken rampage at a grocery store in Canada I paid $5.00 for a KinderEgg and other things with a US $100 bill. Stupid, I know, please try to overlook that part. However, it was near the end of my stay in the country of Kokanee and I didn't have a chance to spend the change. I held on to it in hopes that my bank, US Bank, would do a flat exchange because I am a member. Unfortunately, US Bank told me they have to "send out exchanges and charge a $12.00 shipping fee". I have about $70 Canadian and I'd like it to be US. But $12 seemed really steep so is anyone going to Canada soon that wants to get a good exchange rate? Or have you had a good experience exchanging currency you could share?
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Time:8:08 pm.

If anyone is interested in seeing David Lynch's new movie, Inland Empire (see stranger review in link above) TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT at the Cinerama (downtown), I have a ticket, but am too sick to go. This is a special sneak preview and I got the ticket for $20, but I will sell it for $15 or less if you convince me.
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Time:10:01 pm.
Anyone know how much of a fine it is per hour for overdue reserve DVDs at the Media Center?

Anyone know how long the typical "reserve" perios is? Two hours? Four?
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