January 10th, 2007


Are we required to fill out the FAFSA every year? I filled them out last year but it didn't do anything for me; I didn't want any of the loans that they qualfied me for and whatnot. And if I don't fill one out this year, can I still fill one out next year in case I might qualify for financial aid? Or would I never again be eligible to fill it out and receive aid if I skip a year? Thanks!
juli adams

Copy places

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had any information about any of the copy places (on or off campus) printing posters? I want to have my own pictures blown up to be a nice, large poster size. Does anyone know where that's possible? And how much would I be looking at for for something around 24" by 24"? Would I take in a CD with the picture files on it or bring in some hard copy of the pictures? I did get one of those free posters they had at the beginning of the year but it's not really as big as I'd like. Any information would help out on any of the printing places on the ave or on campus. Thank you!