January 8th, 2007

MLIS students

So, are any of you currently working on your MLIS degree? I'm a prospective applicant - well, I will be. I'm a junior right now, but I figure its never too soon to start thinking about what I can to do look even better on my application. I'm just curious to hear about what your undergrad major was, what kind of volunteer work you did if any, you know, what did you do to get in. I'm looking for any good info. Thanks!
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decisions, decisions

I need your help on giving me some input between which class I should take.

First there is Psych 206: Human Development with Nelson. It seems pretty interesting, though I haven't actually gone to class yet because I just got the add code today. It does seem like a lot of work though.


History 205: Filipino History with Rafael. The benefits of this class: only twice a week, the only assigments are three take-home essays, and my brother is in this class as well. The down side would be that I'm not particularly interested in Filipino history and there does seem to be quite a bit of reading. Oh and if I take this class, then I won't have any class on Monday and Wednesay, which is pretty nice.

Both professors have pretty good reviews.

So, has anyone taken either of these classes and can help me out?