January 7th, 2007

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Spanish books

Anyone need (300 level, I think it was) the Repase y escriba textbook(s... I have 2 of the same one)?

Is there a place more widley used by UW students than livejournal I could try to sell my books at?
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Hey guys! Would anyone here be interested in a few young platies? They come from a well-established healthy tank. I believe they are about 3 months old, a little less than an inch big (but will grow up to be about 2 inches). Platies are fun to watch and they are hardy fish, tolerant and pretty easy to take care of. They ARE tropical fish, so they will need mid-70 degree water temperature, and weekly water changes (of about 25% volume) to keep them happy. And, obviously, food, flakes commonly found in pet stores are good enough. As far as where to keep them, as a temporary solution a small (about 1 galon) container will suffice as they are still pretty young, but when they grow up, I would suggest a minimum of 5.5 galons per pair (there are tanks of this size sold at Petco for about $10).

Let me know if you have any interest, annas7@u.wash

Of course, we're giving them away for free, for the simple reason that the tank where they currently live will soon be too small for them because there are about 10 other fish in there.

Oh, and here's a picture of one of the fishies:
little platy

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I am in possession of a physics clicker that I wish to pawn off. It has a new battery and should work for the quarter plus however long new batteries go. If it ever breaks, I will buy you a milkshake and fries at Orange King.
$17 obo
I can meet on campus whenever. DO IT!

UW Dunking Ushers

These are a few photos I took of the dunking ushers at the UW basketball game last week. They usually perform at Sonics games but because this was a big game they performed for the Huskies as well. I have done very little editing :) Several more here.
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