January 6th, 2007


Is anyone still in need of the books for PSYCH 210: Human Sexuality? I have both Human Sexuality and Culture & Sexuality. The first has some writing in it, and the second is in near perfect condition. I'm asking about $60obo for both.
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For anyone out there who is currently enrolled in HSTAA 302 (The First Century of Independence), I was wondering if there was an online syllabus that I could access anywhere. I was thinking about adding the class now, and I wanted to see what reading had already been assigned and what the class assignments and reading load looked like. If anyone could help out in this area, that would be great! Thanks.

Purpose? There's "purpose" after graduation?

Applying to grad school, what fun! Er...not really.
Has anyone out here had experience writing a "Statement of Purpose" for grad school apps? It's supposed to be a succinct little piece to whiz and wow them with my wonderfulness (different from a resume, which is included elsewhere), and yet they've given me no guidelines or hints as to what they're really looking for. If someone who has had a previous go at these could just give me a little nudge in the right direction, that would be lovely.