January 3rd, 2007


Taking a math class without going to lecture?

This quarter I'm going to be doing a co-op, a research project for credit, and a 1 credit seminar. I will also have a part time job. This probably does not leave time for *real* classes, although I would really like to take some. I feel confident enough in my math abilities, however, that I feel like I could take a math class and do fine without actually going to lecture. I know a lot of people do that just because they're lazy or incredibly smart or too busy to come to class, or whatever, but I would like to officially work out a deal with a professor if possible where I would turn in the homework to his/her box and come to class when there are tests. Has anyone done this before or is this a completely naive plan? And if so, does anyone know which math professors would be most likely to grant my request? Right now I need Stat/Math 390 and a couple of 300+ classes to finish up my math minor and satisfy my Comp. E. major.

(If I was a professor I might be kind of offended because by not coming to lecture, it's like a student is saying "I don't need you to help me learn", so I'm a little worried about offending a professor as well. I hate skipping lectures normally, but with my schedule for the next two quarters, I won't be able to take classes at a normal time.)

This is probably the worst idea I've ever come up with, but I figure it won't hurt to ask :) Thanks.