December 23rd, 2006

(no subject)

would the fedex kinkos have the same quality printer and paper as the SOACC in the Art Building? I need something larger then 8x10 before the lab opens next qt. I used to work at a place that claimed to be able to do all sorts of professional document production stuff but it was all crap.

Econ 300

Hey this question for people who've taken Econ 300. So I'm planning on taking Econ 300 next quarter, but I havent had an Econ course for about two years now and am kind of rusty on some terms and concepts of introductory Microecon. The question is:.. does the course rely heavily on the material covered from lower tier courses (especially 200)or would a brief review and a decent foundation suffice for the class?
Cheers and Happy Holidays to the ones who celebrate.