December 21st, 2006

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All-Ages Threat - State Liquor License Amendments

Amendments have been proposed by the state liquor board to the legislature that would require nightclubs to apply for a nightclub license. Not only is this a pain in the ass, unnecessary, and expensive, but in order to get this license clubs could not allow people under 21 into the establishment AT ANY TIME. This means no more all-ages shows at the Showbox, Neumos, Chop Suey, El Corazon, or any other club in the state with a bar.

Bill is here:
Write to the mayor here:
Write to the liquor board here:

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1) How hard is CSE 142? [amongst 2 other bio classes, art class, and physics]

2) I need a PHYSICS (114, no calc) TUTOR for Winter quarter - once a

3) Abroad in Europe for the "same tuition as UW" (more or less) -- your experiences? other info?

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cse 321 book + Q about stat 341

DISCRETE MATH & ITS APPLICATIONS (6E 07)- $140 for the new book at the bookstore, I sell it for $120. I highlight the book, but I didn't write anything on it and I only highlight some of the bold words :P .. The price is still negotiable. ^-^

Also, has anyone taken Stat 341 from ALTSCHUL,R?? I cannot find anything about him/her... Any info will be appreciated :D

And I'm gonna take stat 432 next quarter, but I'm worried cuz the book looks fairly hard.. or maybe I just got fooled.. @.@.. >.>