December 11th, 2006

annoying state of apathy

anyone ever get to that point, when studying for finals, where you know you don't really know enough to take the test and do well, but since you never really liked the class to begin with, studying for it is just like wow, it's become difficult to study because it's become difficult to care?
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Thank you

Thank you whoever controls the bells. You gave me a chuckle today as I heard the funeral song just as I was walking to my first final at 8:30 in the gorram morning. Oh so appropriate.
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Hi everyone. I hope that all of your finals are going well!

To all of the joggers - do you have any suggestions for jogging routes in the U-District? I usually run in the evenings, and I generally try to run in less-crowded areas because I use jogging as my own personal "in the zone" time. As of late, though, I've wanted a variety.I've been jogging on campus a lot, but I want to change my route a bit.