December 6th, 2006

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I get my UW mail fwd to my gmail account. In the past hour a few emails showed up in my inbox that say they were originally sent anywhere from 6 days ago till 15hours ago. I checked my email before I left this morning and they werent there.
Have I not noticed any lag in between when emails get sent to my UW account and when they arrive in my gmail account until now? I've always felt it has worked in a timely fashion.
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I'm a French major, currently in 202. I should be in 301 this spring, but if this year is like years past, there won't be 301 in the spring. Does anyone know which, if any, 101 languages are offered spring quarter? I figured it would be fun to take a quarter of some other language, but I don't have enough knowledge in anything else to test out of 101.