December 5th, 2006

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Okay, all those art history undergrad majors out there --do any of you have any advice for how to deal with the undergraduate advisor, Judith? I find her to be a very frustrating woman and every time I try to talk to her it doesn't end well. Much with the (paraphrasing) 'you can't do that' and 'thats a bad idea' type of stuff. Anyone else have this problem, or am I the only one? Also, how do you people communicate with her in a way that is effective instead of angering?

Hair cuts in the HUB

Does anyone have any experience/heard anything with how "The Scissor's Edge" is in the HUB?
I walked by there today and it seemed like they have good prices,
so now I'm just wondering how they do for hair cuts and color.
Any feedback is appreciated!
Thanks in advance =D