December 3rd, 2006

span 103 web

for winter quarter, im registered for span103 web based MWTh1230-120 (17719, 17720)

but my work schedule just changed and id love to switch to the span103 web based TWF 1130-1220 (17723, 17725)

anyone interested?
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Salary hilarity

Browsing the faculty salaries, I came across an entry for Professor PLOTNICK, ROBERT D., who stood out in the list because he makes a whopping (compared to most other faculty) 15535.94 per month, or $186,431.28 per year.

What does Robert Plotnick specialize in?

From his website:

Professor Plotnick's research primarily focuses on poverty, income inequality, income support policy, and related social policy issues.

I don't know Professor Plotnick and I'm sure his work is very valuable and that he is a great guy who deserves the cash, so don't get me wrong, I just enjoyed a good chuckle out of this and thought you might as well
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Short Term Loans

Does anyone know if there's a point in the quarter where they don't require you to pay back a short term loan by next quarter? As in, if I take one out now, do I still need have it paid back by the time Winter Quarter begins?
I know calling the OSFA would be the best way to get the best answer, but I don't want to wait to know until they open Monday.

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anyone know about how long it takes to get registered for FSTDY after turning in your concurrent enrollment form and paying the OIE fee? "you are not registered for winter quarter" keeps making me nervous.