November 30th, 2006

Flood of emergency vehicles

Fire trucks? Ambulances? Police SUVs? All are coming up the back road toward the dorms (I could see them from McMahon). Anybody know what's up?

Seems like they've stopped in front of the Padelford parking garage...
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Lexis Nexis?

Is anyone else having problems getting Lexis Nexis to work? I'm trying to access an article for a project that's due tomorrow and is spits back all of my searches with no results. I tried looking for articles that I read yesterday to see if I was just using the wrong key-word in my search, and still nothing! I can't even look at articles I read yesterday!

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Hey guys, I need some help. I'm in my last quarter at BCC (transferring to the UW next fall), and I've been informed that I can obtain some of the videos watched in my Sociology/Sexuality class at the UW library (Suzzallo or something I think my classmate called it...forgive my ignorance). Anyone know what he's talking about, and know if non-UW students can use the library facilities?

Edit: Got the info I need from the website. Looks like I can use most library materials on-site, and I'd need to join the "Friends of the Libraries" group w/ a $100 donation to check stuff out. Considering how the library hours conflict with my schedule enough to prevent me from watching the videos onsite, looks like I'll be donating :(