November 27th, 2006


sending packages

If I had stuff I wanted to send people before christmas and what not, where would I do it on campus?

Most colleges have a campus post office, do we? I briefly looked online and I didn't see any useful information.

packages, postage and stuff is really all i need. I suppose I could just use the campus mailbox things... but is there a nice center where I could get everything i need?

International postgraduate programs

Hello UW and (particularly) UW alumni.

I'm thinking of applying to some international postgraduate programs, specifically in South America. Has anyone ever tried/had success with this before? What are some dos and don'ts? I know I should apply for a student visa at some point; is there anything else big like that that I shouldn't overlook?
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(no subject)

While enjoying the snow this evening I seem to have lost my camera (a Nikon CoolPix) somewhere in the Quad, probably around the area in front of Savery. If someone out there has found it, my email is Thanks!