November 22nd, 2006


off topic

Does anyone know of any nice restaurants near McCaw Hall (excluding the Space Needle & Ratcha)? We are going to see the Nutcracker and aren't very familiar with that area. Thanks. :)

Is anyone else planning to see the Nutcracker? Our group currently has tickets on hold and we're getting them at 25% off on Dec 13th.

Winter quarter sublet!

I'm going away to be a ski bum for the quarter, and my roomies need someone in my room for the quarter. 68th and 15th street, right across the street from four busses to campus. Quick walk or bike ride as well. 3 bedroom place only $375 per month plus utilities! I'd be very happy to split half of March with you so I can be back in it for spring quarter. Room comes with a sweet love seat and night stand for the quarter as well.

If anyone you know is interested, contact me here. Students are definitely perferred!