November 20th, 2006


Whistler College Weekend

Since my plans to go to Whistler over Winter Break fell through, I am considering going up to Whistler for College Weekend. The only problem is that I don't know what the actual dates are of that weekend, and I can't really seem to find any information online. I know it's sometime in January, but that's about it.

I figured someone at UW would know. Anyone want to enlighten me?
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Technical Support Internship (paid)

We've got another internship open (with the company I'm interning for currently):

Technical Support Intern
A Technical Support Part Time Intern is needed to work in conjunction with our team in order to meet their support needs and exceed their expectations for service. You must be excellent communicator both via phone and email. This is an excellent position to start a career and come aboard early to a growing and innovative technology company.
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...full job description here.