November 19th, 2006

  • cherufe

DARS Problem

I ran a Degree Audit and recently found that at the bottom of the audit, it tells me for the following for all the courses I am registered for for winter quarter. "The following courses have had their credit reduced
because they have exceeded the maximum repeat credit allowed towards a degree".

I have never taken these courses before and they all satisfy some sort of requirement towards my major. I am just wondering why this appeared? I ran a DARS the other day and the classes were showing up as "In Progress", along with the fall quarter classes I am currently taking. Was it something I did/does this actually mean anything? I don't want to do all this work next quarter for 0 credits. :P

Any help appreciated. :)

I am also have DARS issues

I recently added a second major. Today when I logged onto myuw and checked DARS it says that I have only completed 30 credits. In actually I have completed 101. Is this happening to anybody else or am I just special? I'm freaking out. I emailed my advisor but I'm just hoping I am not completely screwed.
  • splikle

Quechua Lessons

My roommate and I are looking for anywhere and anyone that gives Quechua lessons. We've googled it, we've looked through course catalogs, but we can't find anywhere in Seattle that offers it in any form. If anyone has leads on classes or tutors, please comment.
Young Me
  • luli82

(no subject)

Hey I was wondering if anyone knows anything about a Thanksgiving Parade in downtown Seattle. I could have sworn I saw some banners hanging downtown about it but I can't find anything online about it. Any help, like time and location, would be great! Thanks!