November 15th, 2006

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Hey guys, anyone want a ticket to the Apple Cup? I bought the ticket thinking I was going, but I found out I have to work that day, so I want at least SOMEONE to use the damn thing. I'm hoping to sell it back for around 60 dollars or so...but I'm willing to negotiate. :) Email me at or leave me a comment...I'd appreciate it! :D Thank you...and we can meet somewhere public like Odegaard or By George or something to trade off the ticket and stuff so we don't have to worry about shipping. :) The ticket is in the Husky section, Section 17, Row B, Seat 21. :D Thanks a bunch!



One of my professors posted an assignment today at 2PM due for tomorrow before 8:30AM. I just got off work and I have a midterm to study for; is the professor allowed to assign assignments on such short notice? I wonder if there is some sort of written rule or something I could use to get away from having to go to bed at 3AM because of this assignment?

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So registration morning comes around and it seems as though I am unable to register for a class whose pre-reqs I've met. On the "current section status" page it says "MATH,ACMS majors only (Period 1)."

How do I get into the class? Declare a math major or wait? I assume both would work, but which would be best? (I have math as one of my "intended majors," but I'm not so sure if I want to declare it. I don't have 90 credits yet anyhow. Is that required?)

Moreover, how would I declare such a major, and if I opted to wait, how long would I have to wait?

Thanks in advance!