November 6th, 2006

vanishing holds?

I lost my Husky Card last year, and never paid for it. Consequently, I had a nice friendly reminder right at the top of MyUW, reminding me to pay it off to release my transcript hold. I don't have any need for my transcript in the next couple of years, and I certainly don't have an extra $20, so I just never paid it and was happily living with a hold on my transcript. However, the alert is now gone from my MyUW front page - have I been forgiven my debt? Has HFS decided I am no longer worth the $20 to hunt down?

I'm hesitant to call and ask, in case this is just a computer glitch in my favor. Does anyone know if these charges just go away after a few months?

Religion 201

I'm taking Religion 201 and one of our assignments is to visit and write a comparative paper about two places/services of worship from Christianity, Islam or Judaism.

I don't consider myself closed minded at all, but I have to admit that I'm nervous about stepping out of my comfort box.

Does anyone know of any Mosques, Synagogues, or Churches (perferably Catholic) that would allow me to watch the service? Any help at all would be appriciated but an emphasis on Mosques and Synagogues would be especially appriciated as I am a Christian and would like to learn something about the other two religions. =3 Thanks.