October 31st, 2006

Question on ART 201

First off: Happy Halloween!

Okay, so I'm interested in taking the ceramics wheel-throwing class (ART 201) during winter quarter. However I have no experience with ceramics at all (I haven't had a chance to take any classes in this till now), so I'm wondering if anyone has taken this class and can fill me in on whether or not its something I could manage with no prior exposure. Anyone?

Foxy browser.

Jumble of Stuff

First, Happy Halloween :)

Second, (and most important): Has anyone seen Boo Berry or Franken Berry Cereal in grocery stores this year? This is super important.

Third, Question: on Thursdays, why do 25% of students leave the Intermission section of The Daily at the stands?

And Fourthly, UW students can get 20% off admission to Bodies...the exhibition at 800& Pike (with ID).